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Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut

Leadership and Vision – Vision and Leadership, they go hand in glove. The very essence of leadership is to have a vision. Stratford's next Mayor must have a vision of where he or she wants to take Stratford.  The Mayor must have the ability to lead and build consensus to realize the vision. The single defining quality of a leader is their ability to create and realize a vision.  A Mayor must have a vision beyond simply wanting to hold the title.  Stratford has suffered much too long under politicians whose only vision is that of personal or political gain and partisan sniping.

Hubert Humphrey once said “It takes leaders with vision to help people with dreams”. We in Stratford have a dream – a dream that we can afford to live in this community, educate the children of our community and receive services that our hard earned dollars pay for. We want to see our town prosper and grow responsibly and rationally. We deserve a Mayor who is prepared to answer the questions of: How will the Stratford Army Engine Plant be  made a tax paying piece of property?   How do we provide the necessary services today, while having a long-term plan that sets us on a sound and steady course for tomorrow? How does the Shakespeare Theater property fit in the long-term plan for our Town? 

What are the defining factors that will provide a stable tax base, stimulate economic development, ensure that Stratford has the finest educational system and protects the seniors in our community?   

The issues that the Mayor must address are much larger than the  promise to lower your taxes. This is rhetoric we have heard for too many years. The candidates must put forth a vision as to how they will deal with the tough questions and demonstrate that they have the leadership abilities to get the job done. 

The vision for our town must be broad enough to assure a future we can all depend on and afford yet specific enough to encompass the goal of ensuring that every one of the citizens of Stratford has a government that is responsive to them. There must be no surprises. There must be no secrets. 

Competent and qualified leaders are essential to Stratford's survival.  From every challenge encountered we must demand new levels of excellence from our leaders. We chose to change the form of our government, now we must address the issues that have hampered our community for many years.  We have a choice in November 2009.  Look carefully and decide well.

Jonathan Best

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