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Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut

In times of crisis, adversity and temptation the leader's integrity must be evident.  The Town of Stratford is facing all these things.  The crisis is in the financial status of the town and the people's loss of faith in local government officials.  The adversity is that many of the challenges we face do not have easy fixes.  While changing our form of government, some may be tempted to take the easy way out of problems, a way which will provide no long-term benefits for Stratford.

It is important that, as we consider who we want to lead our town tomorrow.  Healthy, passionate debate is essential to reaching consensus and solutions.  

This 2009 Mayoral election is critically important to the Town and its citizens.  We must elect a Mayor who will end the politics of the past, who will work for the policies of the future and will ensure that all points of view are heard and considered. 

The Mayor must stand up and tell us how they will solve the problems facing us.The Mayor must have Leadership, Integrity, Vision and Experience.    This must be an election of confidence and ideas, not of political backroom deals.  Whoever is elected must be able to lead Stratford through both the good times and the bad. They must consistently act for the public good and not for personal gain They must be prepared to standup and tell the people the problems we face and offer solutions. We must open our government for all to see. Nothing should be done in backrooms or during Council recesses. If the people can't see what government and our elected officials are doing, than our government and elected officials shouldn't be doing it.

Integrity is exhibited in actions.  We deserve better than what we have had these past years.  We need a Mayor who is prepared to competently address the issues we face, not play political games. 

I have decided to run for Mayor because I believe Stratford is at a crossroads that will determine the future of the town I love.  This is our moment to show how good government can really be; how well it can work for its citizens and make our town  a shining star among the communities in Connecticut.  We can set an example for our children about what good government is and how getting involved is important.

I am that leader.  I am prepared and ready to set the example. That is why I am running for Mayor.

Jonathan Best

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