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Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut
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Stratford is an exceptional town.  Please feel free to look at the linked images of our community.  If you live here enjoy them knowing you are part of a special community.  If you do not live here feel free to visit and enjoy all we have to offer.

Town Hall During the Holidays
Sterling House
Judson House
American Festival Theatre
Putney Chapel
Housatonic River at Sunset
Boothe Memorial Park
Civil War Memorial

Town House

Town Hall During The Holiday Season
Stratford Town Hall during the Holiday Season

Sterling House
Sterling House was left in trust to the Town of Stratford in 1931 and officially opened as a Community Center in 1932. This 3 1/2 acre site houses a multi-service center which offers social educational and recreational programs for people of all ages.

Judson House
The Stratford Historical Society perserves and exhibits some of the history of Stratford, Connecticut at the Capt. David Judson House built in 1750 and Catharine Bunnell Mitchell Museum both located on Academy Hill.

The American Festival Theater
The American Festival Theater is part of Stratford's history. Built in 1953 it rests at the mouth of the Housatonic River.

Putney Chapel
Putney Chapel built in 1844 was restored to its original splendor. This chapel is one of the many traditional New England churches in Stratford.

Housatonic River at Dusk
Housatonic River at Dusk

Boothe Memorial Park
Boothe Memorial Park, a 32 acre estate willed to the Town of Stratford by Stephen Nichols Boothe and David Beach Boothe is a monument to historic and eccentric architecture.

The Lordship Section
The Lordship section of Stratford, Connecticut facing Long Island Sound.

The Academy Hill Soldier's and Sailor's Monument
The Academy Hill Soldier's and Sailor's Monument honors 160 Stratford men who served in the Civil War, as well as the 176 who served in the War of 1812 and 194 Stratfordites who volunteered in the Revolutionary War.

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