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Jon Best For Mayor of Stratford  
Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut
“Having had the privilege to work with and for Jonathan over the past 30 years in the field of emergency services, I can attest to his depth and breath of knowledge in the field, his ability to adopt to and take control of any situation resulting in a positive outcomes. He is a man of his word and an asset to his employer. He speaks from experience and is passionate regarding his convictions.”
Richard Kleindienst Sr

“Jonathan Best is an indestructible element in the mix that is EMS gone public safety. His experience and his ability to solve difficult political and operational problems has been the stuff legends are made of for decades. His war stories are the real deal. His judgment is a proven quality. He is a good person to have in your corner when things are coming unglued.”
Carl J. Post
Associate Track Director Emergency Medical Services
New York Medical College

“Jonathan worked as a subject matter expert (SME) and instructor for me. He was involved in a number of development projects and in all he demonstrated integrity, great inter-personal skills, and an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter. Moreover, he was an excellent writer, delivering quality work-product on time and in a manner consistent with what was expected of an SME. I will hire him again.”
Rick Mathews
Former Deputy Director, Research and Development
NCBRT, Academy of Counter Terrorist Education,                                                                           Louisiana State University

“Jonathan is an extremely valuable member of the YNH-CEPDR team. In his capacity as a Senior Consultant he brings invaluable expertise to development of many of our programs and I would recommend him highly for any endeavor for which his professional expertise could be of value.”
Jim Paturas, Deputy Director
Yale New Haven Health
Center for Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

“Jon and I were deeply involved in numerous projects supporting the new DHS, HHS, FEMA, NCBRT and he was a keen advisor as well as mentor on many areas I can always rely on Jon to reach out to on any problem solving tasking!”
Mike Fagel CEM, PhD
Principal, Aurora Safety

“Jonathan is a great leader and professional in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and local government careers he has held. I have had the opportunity to work with Jonathan when I served on the Board of Directors of National Association of EMT's and other National Committees. I fully endorse and recommend Jonathan without any reservations.
Donald W. Walsh, PhD, EMT-P
EMS Chief & Asst. Deputy Fire Commissioner (Ret.)
Chicago, Illinois”

“Jonathan and I were both volunteer pre-hospital care providers and volunteer officers with Stratford Emergency Medical Services in Stratford, CT. Jonathan was very much a mentor to me, teaching me just about everything I know about emergency medical services, emergency preparedness, municipal government, risk management, and related disciplines. Without exaggeration, I can attribute much of my personal successes to Jonathan and his mentoring. He is well-respected not only in the Stratford community, but also nationally. I now live in Maryland and run into people who know of Jonathan and his work.”
Geoffrey Corb
Vice President, Systems Development, Synergenic

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