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Jon Best For Mayor of Stratford  
Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut
L'Ambiance Plaza Building Collapse
Bridgeport Connecticut

On April 23, 1987, at 1:36 pm  two thirteen story buildings collapsed in the City of Bridgeport while under construction.  Sixty seven workers were on the site at the time of collapse.   At that moment the largest urban search and rescue operation of that time began.  It took nine days and $7.2 million dollars to clear the site and recover the workers. 

Twenty eight lives were lost in the largest construction disaster in Connecticut history.  Thirty nine individuals survived.  The lessons learned at this disaster set the standard for collapse rescue operations in the United States.  Procedures developed at L'Ambiance Plaza were used at the World Trade Centers, the Oklahoma City bombing and the San Francisco earthquake. 

Jonathan Best was in charge of the rescue operation and received accolades nationally for his leadership.  He has testified to Congress and participated in writing the specifications for Urban Search and Rescue Teams that exist throughout the United States.

Jonathan Best was named the 1988 National Paramedic of the Year for superior acts of  leadership and management in commanding the rescue operation.  An expert in emergency operations Mr. Best has consulted local, state, federal and foreign governments in crisis management and emergency operations.

This is the leadership that Jonathan Best brings to Stratford.

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