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Jon Best For Mayor of Stratford  
Jon Best for Mayor of Stratford, Connecticut
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Jonathan Best is the Leader.
Over the span of his career he has held leadership positions regardless of the discipline or job function.  Presently he holds several leadership positions in non profit organizations.  As a speaker Mr. Best presents discussions on the skills of leadership and management nationally.

Jonathan Best has the Integrity.
Even when faced with great controversy Jonathan Best has stood his ground and done what he believes was right and in concert with his personal ethical standards.

Jonathan Best has the Vision.
As a long term resident of Stratford, Jonathan Best has been involved in many programs.  He understands how the Town functions and clearly sees the future hanging in the balance of this Mayoral race.

Jonathan Best has the Experience.
With over thirty years experience in a host of different jobs in both the public and private sectors, Jonathan Best brings competence. Equipped with a combination of experience and education on public policy, Jonathan Best can work to resolve the complicated issues facing Stratford.
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